Under $25K for Up to $1000+ Rent !

Virtually ready to rent.

332 S. Woodyear St., Baltimore, MD 21223

Only $19,770! – Call 301-332-5496

  • Little or no renovation needed
  • Nice Block no board ups
  • Easy to rent
  • Expected rents $800-$1,000+
  • 2  bedroom (3 with walk through)
  • Walk to shopping
  • Convenient to downtown & Bus Routes

To see the condition check out the video




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Ned Carey

Crab Properties LLC




Terms of Sale: “As Is”, no contingencies, Use our contract, $1000 deposit. Ground rent if any to be determined by buyer. A real estate agent or agents may have a financial interest in this property.

Disclaimer: Any suggested repairs, Repair estimates, suggested rents, cash flows, Market Value or after repair value are our opinions only. They are provided for you to be able to pre-screen this offer. Information above is believed accurate but is not guaranteed. Please do your own due diligence. Seller is a real estate licensee in the State of Maryland.

Trademarks and Copyrights: This site is copyright Crab Properties, LLC 2011. “Back of the envelope repair estimate” and the image of an envelope with text representing estimated repairs are both trademarks of Crab Properties, LLC.

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